New 1974 and 1970 catalogs

reynolds 1Thanks to Kay Keßler in Germany, I’ve been able to add a copy of a 1974 Reynolds catalog to the site! I’ve seen the cover a couple of times before in eBay auctions, promotional photos, etc., but never had access to the inside.  This one is especially valuable because it effectively “launches” the Onyx models and has several pages at the back dedicated to this new lineup.  In addition, the Professional ERA trumpet debuts in the catalog.

I’ve also uploaded some low-res images of c.1970 Reynolds catalogs for French horns and flutes. These were originally auctioned on eBay a year or so ago – I wasn’t fortunate enough to win them and scan hi-res copies, but you should still be able to get some information out of them.

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  1. Norton Dickman says:

    I have a flute given to me as a gift many years ago. I have had it in storage for quite sometime and have recently been studying it. Where it was made etc. I don’t have much use for it because I am a string player. It says F.A. Reynolds Co. on it. Cleveland Ohio with a serial no. 21908. It needs some work but generally in fair to good condition. I wonder if the material it is made from is silver or plate or some other material.