Contempora DIATONIC / Renascence Cornets

Contempora cornets with compensating tuning mechanisms were available by the early 1950s. Unlike standard models, which had a trigger mechanism connected to the first-valve slide, Diatonic models with the “Tune-As-You-Play” (TAYP) mechanism featured a trigger connected to the main tuning slide (see illustrations below) that allowed any note to be adjusted as the instrument was played.

The Contempora Diatonic cornets were renamed “Renascence” models in 1959 and went out of production as early as 1961 when Reynolds was sold to RMC.

Model Size Description Example
22-L Bore: .462″
Bell: 4¾”
Length: 17½”
Contempora DIATONIC B♭ Cornet | “Tune-As-You-Play” mechanism instead of first-valve trigger | Bell: Bronz-o-lyte bell with nickel-silver tone ring, or “kranz” | Body: brass with nickel-silver upper valve casings (balusters) and trim | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring Monel valve pistons | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate with bright bell or gold bell finish Model 22L. 1959 Roth-Reynolds catalog.
Notes and Quotes

1953, 1958, 1959 Roth-Reynolds catalogs:

A perfect match to the famous [DIATONIC] Renascence trumpet, with ‘tune as you play’ mechanism. Used, endorsed, and recommended by prominent and nationally known university band directors and brass instructors. An amazing instrument. Complete with genuine leather Gladstone style case.