Emperor Flugelhorn

The Reynolds Emperor Flugelhorn was produced after the move to Abilene in 1964 and was based on the Olds Flugelhorn Model L-12. Otherwise identical, the Olds model features a Re-O-Loy red-brass bell while the Reynolds model uses standard yellow brass.

Model Size Description Example
FU-52 Bore: .437″
Bell: 5¾”
Emperor Flugelhorn | Body: brass bell, body | Valves: TBD | Finish: polished brass with baked epoxy finish Model FU-52 [SN 226824]. Photos used with permission from Clay Collins (eBay Member: centex-brass).
Notes and Quotes

1966 Reynolds catalog:

Looks, sounds and feels like the traditional artist-grade fluegel horn, but in the intermediate price range. All brass, its dark, mellow tone enhances the concert brass choir, casts the spell of ‘that old brass magic’ in jazz solo work. Combination mouthpiece receiver and tuning slide eliminate bore-disrupting mouthpiece tuning bits. Mouthpiece and deluxe case included.

1977 Reynolds catalog:

Selected by leading professionals as a favorite instrument for solo, stage and combo work, the FU-52 flugelhorn’s distinctive sound offers full tonal versatility. A rich, dark and lyrical tone. Excellent intonation in all registers.