Regent Baritones

Regent baritones were produced under the Ohio Band Instrument Company label, which was focused on sales to student instrument dealers.

Model Size Description Example
1217 Bore: TBD
Bell: TBD
Regent B♭ Baritone | Bore: TBD | Bell: fixed upright bell | Materials: brass | Valves: three (3) top-action piston valves | Finish: polished brass with gold lacquer finish; triple silverplated, satin finish, bright silver points, bright bell or gold bell finish also available Model 1217 [SN 25954]. Photo source: eBay.
Bell: TBD
Regent B♭ Baritone | Bell: removable forward bell | Materials: brass | Valves: three (3) side-action piston valves | Finish: TBD Model TBD [SN 20249]. Photos used with permission from eBay Member: leisuretime-mi.
Notes and Quotes

193x Regent catalog:

“The Baritone being one of the really essential instruments in the band, we have taken particular pains to build one of an improved design in standard proportions. It is certain to meet the full requirements of any baritone player. Ideally suited for solo playing, the new and larger proportions give it a volume and quality of tone necessary in the brass section for perfect harmony. Well constructed of best quality materials throughout, it is the greatest value that has ever been produced in a baritone.”