Ohio Band/Roth Serial Numbers

Instruments that were originally made under the Ohio Band Instrument Company name used a different serial number sequence than those produced by F.A. Reynolds. Initially this included the Regent models and later the Roth line. This separate sequence was maintained for the Roth model line after Scherl & Roth took over Reynolds operations in 1946 and reached just over 95,000 horns made by 1961.

Note that after c.1952, this sequence specifically applies to the Roth model instruments and not all instruments marked “Made by Roth-Reynolds”. For other model lines, see the Reynolds serial number sequence.

When RMC-Reynolds introduced the Medalist line in 1961, they evidently continued using this secondary serial number sequence, adding another 50,000 horns before the company bankrupted and was sold in 1964. There is some crossover in the serial numbers of late Roth models and early Medalist production, presumably as Reynolds used up existing inventory of Roth production.

Serial No. Date Notes
1 1936 Production estimated at 3750 instruments/year for 1936-52.
7500 1938
15000 1940
22500 1942 SN 22877 first recorded Roth instrument (cornet).
30000 1944
37500 1946 Scherl & Roth buys Ohio Band (w/FA Reynolds).
45000 1948 Roth “Tone Tempered” produced with nickel-silver bell flare; SNs 45xxx-53xxx.
52500 1950 SN 52811 last recorded “Regent” model horn (with exception of silver clarinet, which was produced well into the 1950s); SN 55696 last recorded “Roth” horn made by Ohio Band; Roth SNs 55xxx-60xxx are branded “Made by F.A. Reynolds”.
60000 1952 Begin use of “Roth-Reynolds” name. Please note that this serial number sequence applies to the Roth *model line* and NOT to other instruments marked Roth-Reynolds that were made between 1952-1961. See the primary Reynolds serial number table for other Roth-Reynolds instruments.
70000 Mid-1950s
80000 1959 SN 79xxx trumpet corresponds to 1959 Roth-Reynolds catalog illustration, not 1958 catalog.
90000 1960 SN 89695 with October 1959 warranty card. SN 98xxx last known “Roth” brand horn.
95000 1961 Medalist instruments were manufactured for RMC/Reynolds by EK Blessing (Elkhart, IN). Early Medalist SNs range from 96897-137359. Medalist serial numbers were reset at 200000 and sequenced with the rest of Reynolds’ instruments after the manufacturing moves to Abilene and Fullerton in 1964.
110000 1962
125000 1963
140000 1963-64

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