Hi-Fi Trombones

Introduced in 1959, the short-lived “Hi-Fi” trombone appears to have been a larger-bore (.520″) version of the Emperor trombone. Other than bore and bell size, the materials design is identical between the two models and they had similar pricing, though the “Hi-Fi” model was grouped with the Professional model in marketing materials. The Contempora and Argenta models were the only other large-bore straight tenor trombones produced by Reynolds.

The “Hi-Fi” model was not produced after CMI purchased F.A. Reynolds Co. in 1964 and moved manufacturing from Cleveland to Abilene and Fullerton.

Model Size Description Example
67 Bore: .520″
Bell: 8½”
Reynolds Hi-Fi Trombone | Materials: brass bell, gooseneck, tuning slide; nickel silver bracing and trim | Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; brass outer slides with nickel-silver sleeves | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate bright bell or silverplate gold bell finish | Brass “R” counterweight SN 64643. Photos used with permission of Robb Stewart Brass Instruments.