Argenta Models

The photos and notes below describe the different engraving styles that were used on Argenta instruments over different periods of the Reynolds Company’s history.

Argenta Trumpet, SN 56089 The original Argenta engraving is one of the most distinctive patterns in Reynolds’ history and is markedly different from other model lines. The “Argenta” script fits neatly between the curving Reynolds name and the “Cleveland O.” location.
Argenta Trumpet, SN 76877 Same as above with the addition of the RMC shield logo to the right of the engraving.
argenta_05 According to the trademark paperwork (Reg. 0851930), the Argenta engraving used from 1964-1970 consists of plain line circles and “other decorations made of plants”. The large “R” was used on most Reynolds instruments produced during this timeframe.
argenta In Reynolds’ last decade, all instruments were similarly engraved: a large lowercase “reynolds” with the model name and “Made in USA” in smaller uppercase lettering underneath.