• Bronz-o-lyte Bells

    “Bronz-o-lyte Bells on all Contempora instruments are the signifying mark of a masterpiece of instrument making. Selected for resonant tone-producing qualities, this special bronze alloy gives a sensation of lightness to the feel of a Contempora … imparts a soft, rich hue which lends dignity to its appearance. Magnificent result of many years of scientific planning in design, metals and fabrication, these Reynolds Contempora instruments are truly worthy of the tremendous acclaim accorded them.”

  • Nickel Silver Bell Flare

    “Silver Flare bells on Reynolds Emperor models produce a sparkling tone resulting from the balanced and perfectly matched vibrating qualities of brass and nickel-silver. This scientifically developed bell adds an edge to the tone of the instrument for better response and facile playing qualities. Produces a surging power with minimum effort and adds that certain distinctiveness in beauty with the ring of silver.”

  • Sterling Silver Bells

    Foster Reynolds worked with the original sterling silver bells introduced by H.N. White in the late 1920s on their Liberty-model trumpets, cornets, trombones and clarinets. When Reynolds left in 1936 to form his own company, he also produced trumpets, cornets and tenor trombones with sterling silver bells. Reynolds reportedly managed to take one of White’s […]

  • How to Identify Your Horn

    Not sure where to start? Don't know what Reynolds instrument you have? Follow the steps below to better identify your horn.

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