Reynolds History

Company Timeline

New Beginnings

The Great Depression, a New York violin import shop, trademark applications and business deals made on the side...

The first decade

Reynolds, Roth and Scherl begin operations in Ohio, navigating the business of artist endorsements and wartime manufacturing...

The Scherl & Roth Years

Reynolds retires and heads west—Roth and Scherl consolidate and collaborate with symphony musicians...

the roundtable

An external ownership group shifts focus and seeks publicity, ending in financial ruin on the auction block...

sunset in the west

Conglomerate owners move the company to western Texas and then to California, seeking ever elusive profits...

F.A. Reynolds

With a career that spanned work at the York, White, Reynolds and Olds companies, Foster A. Reynolds was a key figure in the history of the band instrument manufacturing industry.

Ohio Band

Narrative summary of Ohio Band Instrument Co. activities and significant events from 1935-1950. Production of The Regent and Roth instrument lines for student band dealers.

The purpose of this website is to preserve the history of the F. A. Reynolds Company and the distinctive qualities of its brass instruments. Contempora Corner and are not related or associated in any way to the former or current F.A. Reynolds Company.

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