Cornets & Flugelhorn

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Medium- and large-bore cornets with bronze alloy bells, “underslung” wrap style and optional first valve triggers.

reynolds (professional)

Reynolds’ original line of medium-bore "underslung" cornets with brass or sterling silver bells.


Large-bore cornet made of solid nickel silver; “underslung” wrap style and optional first-valve trigger.


Medium-bore cornet with brass bell and nickel silver trim. Deluxe model with nickel silver bell flare.


Large-bore cornet with brass bell and “underslung” wrap style. Limited production, c.1955-64.


Large-bore student cornet with brass bell and nickel-silver trim. Later models same as Olds Ambassador.


Late-model large-bore cornet with “underslung” wrap style. Dark ebony finish over nickel-plated brass.


Student-line cornet made by Ohio Band Instrument Co. (1936-c.1950).


Medium-bore cornet with brass bell; various wrap styles. Made from 1940 to 1961.


Contempora and Emperor models based on Martin and Olds flugelhorns.

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