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    Please note: I am an individual person with an interest in the instruments and history of Reynolds. I am not related or associated in any way to the former or current F. A. Reynolds Company.

    Inquiries about the current value of an instrument will not be answered. Your best approach is to review auction sites like eBay or Reverb, or the various instrument discussion websites to see what other people are selling/buying similar instruments for.

    This is not a store and I do not sell Reynolds instruments or replacement parts for Reynolds instruments. I do not maintain information on where you might find parts.

    Please consult the serial number tables before asking about the age of an instrument. I do not have any more detailed information than what is provided on this website.

    Due to constraints on my personal time, I cannot guarantee an immediate reply to any inquiry, but will endeavor to respond as I'm able.

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      I love my 1936 Gold Professional Reynolds trombone

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    The purpose of this website is to preserve the history of the F. A. Reynolds Company and the distinctive qualities of its brass instruments. Contempora Corner and are not related or associated in any way to the former or current F.A. Reynolds Company.

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