Reynolds Serial Numbers

Using serial numbers to identify the exact production dates of Reynolds instruments is inherently inaccurate given the lack of published records to corroborate with. Except for a fragment of Reynolds’ production data from 1964-1979 that is preserved in the Allied Band Supply catalog, I am not aware of any surviving official serial number records for Reynolds brass instruments.

As such, the serial number lists compiled below have been based on the visual observation of engraving patterns and other instrument details that I’ve cross-referenced against catalog illustrations and other available historical information. I believe that, while exact dates may never be able to be accurately verified for a specific serial number, the general progression of these lists is defensible and represents Reynolds instruments through the company’s history.

This primary Reynolds serial number sequence dates from 1936-1979 and includes all Reynolds instruments with the following exceptions:

  • Any instrument marked “Made by Ohio Band Instrument Co.” (includes Regent, Roth, Paramount, etc.)
  • All Roth model instruments (including those marked “made by F.A. Reynolds” or “made by Roth-Reynolds”). All other model instruments marked “made by Roth-Reynolds” are included in the serial number table on this page.
  • All Medalist instruments made between 1961 and 1964 (SNs below 200000).

For these exceptions, please see the “Ohio Band” serial number list.

Serial No. Date Notes
1 1936 F.A. Reynolds name first used in commerce in February 1936.
1800 1938
3600 1940 Many instruments with SNs 4xxx-21xxx with the “US” bell engraving and/or documented wartime purchase.
5400 1942
7200 1944
9000 1946 F.A. Reynolds Co. becomes a division of Scherl & Roth by mid-1946.
16000 1948 The Contempora brand was introduced in late 1949 according to U.S. trademark applications; the earliest recorded Contempora instrument is SN 20076 (trumpet).
23000 1950
30000 1952 Instruments start to be branded “Made by Roth-Reynolds” instead of “Made by F.A. Reynolds”.
35000 c.1954
40000 1956 Reynolds “Hi-Fi” cornet introduced 1955-56 (39243 lowest serial number recorded). Contempora trumpet SN 41902 purchased June 1956.
45000 1957
50000 1958 Chambers Model horn delivered Fall 1958; 52xxx lowest serial number recorded.
55000 1959 Argenta brand introduced 1959; 545xx lowest serial number recorded. “Hi-Fi” trumpet and trombone introduced.
60000 1961 Most instruments between SN 60000-79000 bear the RMC shield, corresponding to the 1961-1963 period that Richards Music owned Reynolds.
65000 1962
70000 1963
75000 196x
80000 1964 Serial numbers after 79000 appear to be made in Abilene (see “Reynolds: 1964-1979”) with Cleveland-made parts.
85000 1964 SN 85459 last known Reynolds serial number with Cleveland-made parts.
200000 Nov. 1964 Serial numbers for Reynolds instruments were reset in 1964 after the company moved from Cleveland to Abilene, Texas. The new sequence started with 200,000 and was used for all instruments until 1977.
210000 Nov. 1965
220000 Oct. 1966
230000 Jul. 1967
235000 May 1968
250000 Nov. 1969
260000 Apr. 1971 By 1971, all Reynolds instruments are produced in Fullerton and are marked with “Made in USA”.
270000 Aug. 1972
280000 Oct. 1973
290000 Jun. 1974
300000 Sep. 1975
310000 Aug. 1976 SN 314587 (Oct. 1977)
A00001 Oct. 1977 In October 1977, Reynolds and Olds used a joint serial number sequence that started with the letter “A”. Fewer than 50,000 instruments were made before the company ceased operations in July 1979.
A05000 Dec. 1977 A05266 (Dec. 1977); A06741 (Jan. 1978)
A10000 Early 1978 A10066 (Jan); A12537 (Feb); A16496 (Apr); A18163 (May).
A20000 Mid 1978 A20876 (Jun); A24470 (Jul); A24706 (Aug); A28375 (Sep).
A30000 Late 1978 A31565 (Oct); A34616 (Nov); A37470 (Dec)
A40000 Early 1979 A40550 (Jan); Production ceased July 1979.