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Added c.1950 Reynolds catalog

1950 Reynolds Catalog

On the heels of my recent acquisition of a c.1949 F.A. Reynolds catalog comes another catalog of the same general vintage. This c.1950 catalog is very similar to the previous catalog, with a few important differences: The Contempora model name is associated with almost all instruments that were branded “Reynolds” in the earlier catalog. However, […]

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Rethinking Emperor model dates

Emperor Cornet (SN 25312; photo(s) courtesy of eBay Member: towerhogdog)

As noted in my previous post, I’ve recently acquired a c.1949 F.A. Reynolds product catalog that introduces the Contempora model line, albeit only the trumpet and bass trombone models. Given this date, perhaps somewhat more interesting to me was the unexpected absence of the Emperor line. According the Reynolds’ trademark application, the first use of […]

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New 1949 F.A. Reynolds catalog

1949 F.A. Reynolds Catalog

I recently had the fortune to win an eBay auction for an older F.A. Reynolds catalog that I’m tentatively dating to c.1949 based on several points of reference: It is clearly after 1946, when Scherl & Roth took over operations, but before c.1952 when the business name changed to “Roth-Reynolds”. So between 1946-1952… The trumpet and […]

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Serial number tables updated

F.A. Reynolds

Based on the considerations of my last few serial number-related posts, plus external confirmation on the timing of some engraving style changes, I’ve updated the primary serial number table for Reynolds instruments, as well as the dates on the Reynolds engraving styles page and specification pages for F.A. Reynolds trumpets, cornets and trombones. The key […]

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Speculating on early serial numbers, 1936-1952

1946 Reynolds Band Instruments

I recently acquired a 1946 newspaper ad that contains a number of interesting nuggets: first, the note at the bottom that Reynolds was a division of Scherl & Roth — this is consistent with a July 1946 newspaper reference to Max Scherl as president of F.A. Reynolds, the position formerly held by Foster Reynolds. It […]

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