1953 Roth-Reynolds Catalog

This catalog likely dates from sometime between 1953-55. There were a number of instruments introduced c.1955-56 that do not appear in these pages, e.g. the Hi-Fi cornet, Leonard Smith models of the Contempora cornet and trumpet, the Contempora “Philharmonic” bass trombone, etc. Furthermore, the description of the Contempora bass trombone includes mention of its Bronz-o-lyte bell, but which only first appears on actual instrument photos with serial numbers closer to c.1954. The Professional model instruments reference “over two decades” of playing, which could be literally interpreted to be 20 years (1936-1956), but more likely just means the 1930s and ’40s in “marketing speak”. Finally, I have seen another copy of this catalog cover that was referenced as being a 1954 catalog.

Note: Catalog provided courtesy of Jeff Stewart and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form.