ERA Trumpets

Introduced in c.1974, the Extended Range Altissimo (ERA) trumpets were designed to facilitate high-register playing with a long, narrow profile bell that abruptly flares out to 5″.

Clarin ERA

The Clarin ERA was identical to the Olds Custom CHR model, with a tuning bell design that eliminates the main tuning slide, resulting in a long tapered mouthpipe that extends from the mouthpiece to the third-valve entry port. See Alan Rouse’s review of the CHR for more details. The Clarin ERA was only made for a few years, beginning in c.1974 and ending before 1977; according to The Schilke Loyalist, Olds was sued by Yamaha in the 1970s in defense of a tuning bell patent (U.S. Patent 3,257,135) that had been secured by Renold Schilke and given to Yamaha – it’s not known if the Clarin and CHR models ceased production as a result of this lawsuit.

1974 Reynolds catalog:

A revolutionary new trumpet that delivers the cleanest, clearest high notes ever. A bell design that lets you hit the extremely high ranges, effortlessly, and the middle and low ranges never sounded better. The movable bell eliminates the conventional tuning slide and the critical disturbances in the air column that occur between the leadpipe and the valve cluster. Adjustable 3rd valve slide. 1st slide thumb hook. Complete with deluxe case and accessories.

Model Size Description Example
TU-08 Bore: .460″
Bell: 5″
Length: 21½”
Clarin ERA B♭ Trumpet | Tuning bell; first-valve trigger; third-valve slide stop | Bell: brass bell | Body: TBD | Valves: TBD | Finish: bright silver lacquer finish Model TU-08 [SN 288836]. Photos used with permission from W. Matt Rogers.
Professional ERA

The Professional ERA trumpet shares the bell profile of the Clarin ERA and Olds Custom CHR models, but has a main tuning slide and a standard, non-tuneable bell. The Professional ERA appears in both the 1974 and 1977 Reynolds catalogs, replacing the “standard design” Professional model.

1974, 1977 Reynolds catalogs:

A trumpet which features intonation improvements throughout the range of the instrument and particularly in the extreme upper range. The perfect trumpet for the section leader or performer who must play in the higher registers. A trumpet with magnificent carrying power which soars over the ensemble. Complete with instrument luggage and accessories.

Model Size Description Example
TU-15 Bore: .460″
Bell: 5″
Length: 21½”
Professional ERA B♭ Trumpet | First-valve slide “saddle”; third-valve slide stop | Body: TBD | Valves: TBD | Finish: bright silver lacquer finish Model TU-15 [SN 301xxx]. Photos used with permission from Zachary Lerner.