1949 F.A. Reynolds catalog

Apart from the Ohio Band catalog, this is the oldest Reynolds catalog that I've seen so far. I’m dating this catalog to c.1949, based on a handful of reference points:

  1. Based on the cover text, it is clearly after 1946, when Scherl & Roth took over operations, but before c.1952 when the “Roth-Reynolds” name was introduced.
  2. Roth instrument pages include the "Tone Tempered" deluxe models with nickel-silver bell flare (not illustrated). The Roth models were only available from c.1947-50 until the new Emperor line was launched.
  3. The trumpet and cornet illustrations all feature the flattened bottom valve caps that were introduced circa serial number 21000, which is in the same range of the first known Contempora models (~20000).
  4. The trombone illustrations feature the Olds-style brace ferrules that were introduced at about serial number 22000, also in the same time frame as the first Contempora models.
  5. Trademark documentation states that "Contempora" was first used in May 1949. In this catalog, the "new" Contempora trumpet and bass trombone are featured, but the cornet and tenor trombone are not mentioned, nor any other models. All other instruments were simply referred to as “Reynolds” models.

Based on the limited number of "Contempora" models and the design changes illustrated for key instruments, this is probably a 1949 catalog.

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