1954 Roth-Reynolds catalog

This catalog is very similar to the 1953 Roth-Reynolds catalog, with a few key exceptions: 

  1. This catalog is clearly stamped with "1954" on the front and back covers. Page numbers are also present inside the catalog.
  2. A few of the endorsing artists have been updated, notably the addition of Jack and Charlie Teagarden in this edition and the removal of Erwin Miersch (horn), who had authored a pamphlet on tuning the Reynolds double French horns.
  3. This catalog includes the Contempora Trombonium (later the Tromhorn).
  4. This catalog lists models 23, 43, and 73 -- the basic sterling silver bell variants of the trumpet, cornet and trombone, respectively. Those models are missing from the earlier catalog.

There were a number of instruments introduced c.1955-56 that do not yet appear in these pages, e.g. the Hi-Fi cornet, Leonard Smith models of the Contempora cornet and trumpet, the Contempora "Philharmonic" bass trombone, etc.

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