Hi-Fi Cornets

Introduced in the mid-1950s, the short-lived “Hi-Fi” cornet appears to have been a large-bore (.462″) version of the medium-bore (.458″) Reynolds Professional cornet. The Hi-Fi cornet features the King Master-style underslung wrap design of the Professional model, but uses a brass leadpipe and one-piece outer valve casings (later seen on the Argenta model), where the Professional model used nickel-silver materials and two-piece casings. Hi-Fi cornets were sold for the same price as the intermediate Emperor cornet and might be considered a “budget pro” horn.

The “Hi-Fi” models did not survive the manufacturing move from Cleveland to Abilene/Fullerton after CMI purchased F.A. Reynolds Co. in 1964.

Model Size Description Example
65 Bore: .462″
Bell: 4¾”
Reynolds Hi-Fi Cornet | Materials: brass bell, body and leadpipe; nickel silver tuning slides and valve caps | Finish: clear lacquer | Length: 17½” Model 65. Photo source: eBay
Notes and Quotes

1958, 1959 Roth-Reynolds catalog:

This sensational new cornet from Roth-Reynolds is causing tremendous excitement everywhere. Large bore and special features embodied in the construction of this cornet give “Hi-Fi” the high fidelity performance demanded by band directors and performers. Tremendous range and power. Unquestionably the greatest value of all cornets.

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