Regent Trombones

The Regent trombones were manufactured by Ohio Band Instrument Co., a subsidiary of F.A. Reynolds located in the same building and using the same craftsmen that built the parent instruments. Reynolds, and then Scherl & Roth, operated Ohio Band until 1949 or 1950.

Student-level instruments are often characterized by what features they do not have, compared to higher-end models, and the Regent trombones are no exception. In the example photos below, note the absence of any nickel-silver parts and the friction-fit receiver between the bell and slide sections. Nickel silver was typically used to balance corrosive behavior on brass but is more expensive and harder to work with than brass. And trombones used by more advanced players would certainly be expected to have a locking nut between the bell and receiver—compare F.A. Reynolds and Roth trombones being made at the same time.


Ohio Band Instrument Co. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Model 1202

The Regent Tenor Trombone

Bore: TBD
Bell: 7"
Materials: all brass construction

Finished with either (1) highly polished brass with gold lacquer; or (2) triple silver plated, satin finish, bright silver points, gold bell.

An entirely new model of standard proportions that will suit the requirements of trombone players in either band or orchestra work. Exceptionally easy to fill and play, this instrument will stand any amount of forcing. On soft passages it will respond with a clear even quality of tone, devoid of breaks or fuzzy tones, so common in many makes of trombone. A well constructed, finely balanced instrument, with 7 inch bell, durable, light, easy action slides, equipped with balancer and slide lock."

1930s Ohio Band Instrument Co. catalog

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