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Reynolds Trumpet Models
Argenta Trumpets

Large-bore trumpet made of solid nickel silver; optional first valve “trigger”. Made 1959-73.

Contempora Trumpets

Medium- and large-bore B♭ and C trumpets with bronze alloy bells and optional first valve triggers.

Contempora DIATONIC / Renascence Trumpets

Contempora B♭ and C trumpets with “Tune-As-You-Play” mechanism attached to main tuning slide.

Emperor Trumpets

Medium-bore Bb trumpet. Deluxe model was available with nickel silver bell flare and brass body.

ERA Trumpets

Specialty models to aid high-register playing; with or without a tuning bell design.

Hi-Fi Trumpets

Large-bore Bb trumpet with brass bell. Only made 1959-64.

Medalist Trumpets

Large-bore Bb trumpet with brass bell. Later models same as or similar to Olds Ambassador.

Onyx Trumpets

Dark ebony finish over nickel-plated brass. Made from 1974-76 in Fullerton.

Ranger Trumpets

Student model with modular design for fast repairs. Same as Olds Pinto; made from 1972-75.

Regent Trumpets

Student-line B♭ trumpet made by Ohio Band Instrument Co. (1936-c.1950).

Reynolds (Professional, Sterling) Trumpets

Based on Reynolds’ original line of trumpets. Medium-bore models with brass or sterling silver bells.

Roth Trumpets

Medium-bore B♭ trumpet with brass bell. Originally made by Ohio Band (c.1940-61).

Herald Trumpets & Pageantry Brass

Specialty brass for pageantry and display. Herald trumpet, Post horn and Coach horn.